Together we will tell your story.

I will start from you to design from scratch a wedding that totally reflects you and your uniqueness. From day one til the day of the event, I will manage all aspects of your wedding, designing and styling a tailor-made project in line with your vision and wishes. I will help you selecting the perfect location and the most suitable vendors, I will put together an ad hoc team of professionals that I will personally coordinate. I will assist you in optimizing your costs and I will make sure everything runs smoothly for you and your guests.

If you have chosen Italy as a destination for your wedding, I will help you creating the most authentic and magical experience, we will literally play mixing together the unique Italian aesthetics with your taste and personality. I will put my international background and a thorough knowledge of the Apulian region at your service and I will be happy to work in partnership with local and worldwide talents, so that everything on your destination wedding day is simply unforgettable.

As your wedding planner I will be there to listen to you, advise you, provide solutions, be your focal point and make sure not only does your day come together brilliantly, but without unneeded stress for you. I can manage the whole process for you or I can step in to help you part-way through, or at any stage of the wedding planning journey you’re in. It’s totally up to you.

Each wedding is different as well as each story. Get in touch for a free appointment, I will explain what we can do together and I will be happy to design a customised proposal for you.

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